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Bonds Information

Types of Bonds

Contract Bonds

The contract bond guarantees the contractor’s work, completion time and price.

Bonds offered are:

  • Bid or Proposal
  • Bond Payment Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Maintenance Bond

License and Permit Bonds

A license or permit bond insures that a business complies with appropriate license and permit regulations. Bonds available are:

  • Auctioneer Bond
  • Real Estate Broker Bond
  • Gasoline Tax Bond
  • Liquor and/or Beer Bond
  • Home Improvement Bond
  • Electrician Bond
  • Plumbers Bond
  • Fuel Dealer Bond
  • Motor Vehicle Dealers Bond

Public Official Bonds

The public official bond is designed to guarantee the public that the newly elected or appointed official faithfully will perform the duties of that office. Bonds offered are:

  • Tax Collector Bond
  • Notary Public Bond
  • Constable Bond
  • Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff Bond
  • Treasurer-State, County, City, School Bond
  • Clerk of Court Bond
  • Clerk, City or Clerk-Treasurer Bond

Court Bonds

Court bonds may be required by either the defendant or the plaintiff in connection with litigation. Bonds available through The ERIE are:

  • Attachment-Plaintiff Bond
  • Costs-Plaintiff Bond
  • Indemnity to Sheriff Bond
  • Injunction-Plaintiff Bond
  • Liquidator Bond
  • Replevin Bond

Fiduciary or Probate Bonds

A fiduciary or probate bond guarantees that a person appointed by the courts to handle affairs of another will be faithful in their duties. Bonds available are:

  • Administrator Bond
  • Guardian Bond
  • Trustee Bond

Miscellaneous Bonds

Bonds not classified into specific categories are called miscellaneous bonds. Bonds falling into this category are:

  • Lost Instrument Bond - Stocks, Bonds, Checks and Certificates of Deposit
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation Bond
  • Wage and Payment Bond
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