Agent Phil Pavarani, Jr. Offers Tourism Boost Through Webcams

CLEVELAND (Sept. 28, 2013) –Great views are hard to come by these days. Why not share the best views of the city with tourists? Phil Pavarini, Jr., the agent at is making it possible for businesses to show off their location and gain recognition through a live video feed – all free of cost.

Pavarini is willing to provide FREE webcam equipment, installation, maintenance to Cleveland businesses who meet the following criteria:

  • Offer a great indoor location with scenic view through outdoor window
  • Reliable WiFi and power hookup

“This service has the potential to boost tourism in the greater Cleveland area,” said Phil Pavarini, the agent at “Businesses should act quickly to be a part of this exciting endeavor.”

A live streaming panoramic view of The West Side Market offers most beautiful sunrise in the city available by webcam. Visit

To follow up on this opportunity, email the business street address, name of internet provider, and picture of view, to [email protected]  Mobile and temporary webcams also available.  Note: these are not intended to be security cameras.
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