Ohio PI/SG Licensees: Important Announcement About License Renewal


For the first time, according to an email sent out by the PI/SG Licensing section, renewal letters will not be sent this year.  License renewals should be done online.  Below is an excerpt from an email sent by the Ohio Private Investigator and Security Guard Services Licensing and Registration Section:

“Beginning January 3, 2013, through March 1, 2013, licensed company providers can renew their company and branch licenses, and their qualifying agents online at http://www.pisgs.ohio.gov/pisgs.stm. A link called “Provider Company Log In” will be found on the left side of the web page under “Quick Links” starting January 3rd.

The user guide for detailed instructions on how to obtain a user ID and password can be found at this link http://www.pisgs.ohio.gov/RenewalGuide.pdf under the section “Creating Your Account” on page 4 of this document.  Companies currently not utilizing the PISGS online applications are highly encouraged to sign up for access prior to January 3rd.

You will need to submit/upload the following to renew your license:

* Proof of Unemployment and Workers Compensation coverage

* Certificate of Insurance (the state calls this an “acord”)

* Certificate of Good Standing from the Ohio Secretary of State

If you are a customer of Phil Pavarini Ohio Insurance Agent, www.PISGinsurance.com, you’ll receive an email with information on how to obtain the above documentation and an updated certificate of insurance.  If you have questions about your Ohio insurance, contact Phil at 1-888-728-2746, [email protected], or visit www.PISGinsurance.com.

If you have questions about Ohio PI/SG license renewal, contact the state directly at 614-466-4130 or email [email protected].


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